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There is a high level of concern about digging up an beautiful area of our property for no apparent reason.
As members of the Board our standards to uphold are:

  1. Maintain the integrity of  our property: to uphold home values for good health and enjoyment of the property, which include buildings, infrastructure and landscape amenities.
  2. Fiduciary Responsibility: Be conservative and thoughtful, looking for the best solutions both functionally and visually, in spending money to uphold property value.
    for 330 McGill Place Condominium Association, Inc.

    1. Section 2: PATIOS & BALCONIES
      a) Patios and balconies may not be used for storage if the stored items are
      visible from the common elements.
      1. RED: dig up the section that actually is damaged at the pool
      2. BLUE: then video the remaining to the lost manhole to monitor for pipe damage
      3. BLACK: avoid tearing up amenities and infrastructure unnecessarily.


ABOVE is economic and respectful to the property and owners by utilizing correctly the information in video #33. The area of the black outline above  shows grease deposits, but no damage to that pipe length.
MISINFORMATION: In the present plans (below) this pipe is called out as having  “chucks of concrete” and is slated to be dug up and replaced, causing unnecessary and expensive entry amenity damage.
ENGINEERING DRAWING ABOVE is based on INCORRECT DATA ANALYSIS ON LONGS DRAWING  leading to unnecessary digging up of valuable trees, amenity space and infrastructure for an unnecessary pipe replacement. HERE is a .pdf illustrating this..